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For example, the Q_CC_SUN macro is defined if the application is compiled using The qPrintable and qUtfPrintable macros represent an easy way of .For example, the Q_CC_SUN macro is defined if the application is compiled using Forte The qPrintable macro represent an easy way of printing text. Finally .Try this format qDebug ” s= d”, “string”, In this case qDebug uses printf formatting. P.S. Adapted for your example qDebug ” s= d”, var..QPrintable. min read. In Qt application, outputting printf like formatted debug message involving QString means using latin or utf such as .

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    This chapter covers the QtXml module, which Qt provides for general XML processing. This chapter is from the book XML eXtensible Markup Language is a general purpose text file format that is popular for data interchange and data storage. It was developed by the World Wide Web Consortium WC .

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    Creating a Window. With this knowledge, we will start out by creating our OpenGL window. Thanks to Qt, this application is pretty much trivial, since the hardest part of cross platform OpenGL is setup..

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    @Shigon For Mac you need a different mechanism to catch crashes. Search Google or SO for it, or ask a more focused question here on SO. How to do that isn’t primarly Qt related, since this question answers where in the Qt framework to put these crash handlers..

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